Track 2

Creating a Lean Culture: Process Focus and Leader Standard Work
David Mann

Abstract: A key in transforming from batch to lean production is shifting management’s exclusive focus on results to emphasizing focus on process. TPS literature and experts offered little explicit guidance in this area, leaving operations managers wondering: “What does process focus mean? How do we do it?” This presentation addresses these questions with a concise model, specific steps, and tools in what Steelcase now refers to as a “Lean Management System,” reflecting lessons from 40+ lean conversions.

Bio: In supporting 30+ lean conversions at Steelcase, Mann recognized the need for a new management approach to sustain lean conversions. This lean management system is the subject of his book, Creating a Lean Culture, awarded the Shingo Prize in 2006.

Mann has been with Steelcase since 1987. His professional positions include Shingo Prize examiner, AME regional board, AME’s Target editorial board, Lean Education Academic Network industry advisor, St. Mary’s Healthcare Lean Advisory Board, Ohio State University operations management adjunct faculty.

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